About Us

We love to make road trips, hiking through flower filled meadows, up mountains and through scent filled forests, balancing along cliffs and biking until our legs twitch.

Our main goals are to:

  • provide easy to find information for first-timers who don’t know Switzerland
  • show repeat visitors the ‘other side of our country’, places they might not have thought of the first time around
  • introduce you to vibrant and stimulating activities

We are constantly adding information to this site and we’d be flattered if you come back often to check out new additions.

We love to hear from you. Nothing compares to a message from a reader telling us that our travel website has helped them in some way or another. So, if you have any questions or simply want to say hello, just shoot us a message.

All about fantastical Switzerland

Hi, I am Sarah

Grown up in this beautiful country, I am filled with a deep gratitude to be able to spend my life in fantastical Switzerland.

We are blessed with four seasons, different climate zones and an impressive variety of landscapes that offer constant eye candy just about every corner you turn. It feel as if I am exploring a new country each time. It was and still is never boring.

Writing on this website is my way to share the deep appreciation for the place I call home.

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