“There’s no better place to find yourself than sitting by a waterfall and listening to its music”. If you agree to this, then a day trip to the Giessbach waterfalls is certainly a great option. One of the favorite spots to tourists and locals, Giessbach waterfalls near Interlaken, Switzerland, can be reached by boat or car. This magnificent waterfall cascades down in 14 stages, over 500 meters. To have a spectacular view of the Giessbach Falls – a must see at Lake Brienz, go for a ferry ride on the Brienzersee lake and then on the funicular, till you reach the Grand Hotel Giessbach.

Lake Brienz begins exactly where the falls end. Historic Grand Hotel Giessbach is the place where you can enjoy the view of the falls. Reach there by funicular and feel the Giessbach Falls’ refreshing sounds.

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How to get to the Giessbachfälle

Get there by Boat

The ferry is the best option to reach Giessbach Falls. The ferry journey towards these magnificent falls starts from Brienz or Interlaken. The boats stop at different destinations. The landing, where you need to board off the ship, is called “Giessbach See”. Then the travelers need to take a short funicular ride to reach the Grandhotel Giessbach. However, they can also walk up to the hotel. The funicular ride is really worthy to experience, especially for those who want to enjoy the spectacular view of the falls and surroundings. The Giessbachbahn, the oldest funicular in Europe, was established in 1879.

Get there by Car

To reach the Grandhotel Giessbach by car, drive on highway 8 and then take exit 29/Brienz. Consider turning south on Bächlischwendistrasse and keep on driving up the narrow road into the woods, until you reach the parking lot. It’s 5 min away (walking distance) from the Giessbach hotel or one of the magnificent viewpoints of the Giessbachfalls. Explore this place on foot to refresh your mind and body.

Things to do at Giessbach Falls

Explore the Waterfall

Whether you choose the funicular or car to reach the Giessbach falls, you will never miss the opportunity to enjoy the natural spectacle of the falls. It takes about 5-10 minutes to reach the Giessbach Falls from the nearby car park or the Giessbach See landing stage.

While walking through the trail, backpackers get scopes to enjoy the panoramic view of the falls. 

There is also a famous bridge to reach behind the falls. And this section of the trail behind one of the falls is definitely the favorite spot of a large number of tourists. From there you have a spectacular view down to the Grandhotel Giessbach as well as lake Brienz. Because the glistening turquoise water of the Lake and the Brienz Ridge on the opposite shore is also a subject of attraction.

The Giessbach brook that feeds the magnificent Giessbach falls has its source in the Faulhorn-Sägis Valley. Giessbach Falls eventually tumbles into Lake Brienz near the landing stage for the cruise ships. Consider walking through the narrow and dirty trails that lead through the secluded woods around the Falls. The circular trail from Hotel Giessbach will take about 20 minutes. Thus, you will get scopes to rediscover yourself until you reach the viewpoint near the waterfall.

Visit the vantage point “Gippi”

If you still feel motivated to explore more places, walking around Gippi is undoubtedly a great option for you. Go for another circular hike and reach the hotel’s vantage point in 40 minutes. Gippi is located approximately 200m above the lake. Follow a winding footpath that runs through the lush green forest. Then, a few stone steps are to climb and eventually, you will reach the viewpoint above Lake Brienz. From there, you can have a beautiful view of the village of Brienz, located on the opposite shore of the lake. Gippi, the vantage point, is worthy of exploring if you are looking for a serene place with picturesque views.

Grab a Bite at the Grandhotel Giessbach

Travelers are most welcome in the Grand Hotel Giessbach to grab a bite amid secluded forests, mountains and meadows. Once you are done exploring the spectacular viewpoints and admiring the magnificent falls, it’s time to have a delicious meal. The Hotel which was built around 1874 is a sight for itself.  Its restaurants, Les Cascades and Le Tapis Rouge, offer mouthwatering dishes.

The hotel has a patio from where guests can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake. Moreover, there is a playground and garden areas with different plants and flowers. Located in a 22-hectare park and garden complex, the Grand Hotel Giessbach is the best place to have some delicious dishes and take a rest. Besides tasty dishes, some cheap snacks including sandwiches, hot dogs and popsicles are also available here. Spring is the best time to visit this place when the weather is pleasant and calm.

Nice to know

Before visiting the Giessbach Falls, it is advisable to do some research. This travel guide is also meant to help backpackers find the right viewpoints and also to plan the entire trip properly. Here are a few things visitors like you should keep in mind before starting the journey:

  • The circular route near the falls can be slippery sometimes. To avoid slips and trips, consider wearing good shoes.
  • Spring is the best time to visit the Giessbach Falls. The weather is pleasant and the falls are most impressive when the snow up in the mountains is melting or when it has rained.
  • If you visit the falls during cold days, consider carrying a waterproof jacket. The weather can be chilly and damp.
  • There are several viewpoints near the Giessbach Falls and Grandhotel. To explore the narrow trails, allow plenty of time. Your journey to the Giessbach Falls will be worth remembering when you explore the place on foot, and it requires ample time.
  • The Grandhotel Giessbach and its restaurant remain open from April till November.
  • BLS cruises Lake Brienz from April to October.

Giessbach Falls – The Heaven on Earth

The soothing spray of the Giessbach Falls, leafy canopies, dusty trails and picturesque villages – all these are there to attract thousands of tourists every year. Take a walk through the lush green forest and connect with mother nature. The soothing sound of the falls and spectacular landscapes will never fail to heal you.