In addition to celebrity visitors, Gstaad is a popular resort to which tourists of all kinds flock.

Not only for the rich and famous who primarily stay in the picturesque chalet village of Gstaad itself, but also for families with children, especially the neighboring villages in a rustic landscape are ideal vacation destinations.

Gstaad is nestled in a beautiful alpine landscape, in the southwest of Switzerland, where Geneva or Zurich are barely 2 hours away.

The village and the region around Gstaad offer a wide range of sporting and social activities for all ages throughout the year. A picturesque corner of the country where you will find restored rustic wooden chalets surrounded by peaceful valleys. 

In this guide we will write about things to do in Gstaad, Switzerland, as well as other things nice to know.

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About Gstaad

You may wonder what is so special about this place? Why is Gstaad so popular especially with celebrities from all over the world? 

One reason is the very special charm of this village. Picturesque wooden chalets surrounded by a lovely landscape, which offers countless opportunities for hiking and other sporting activities. 

Les rues de Gstaad, Suisse

Hotels with first-class service, upscale gastronomy, 5-star chalets and the good accessibility (from the international airport Geneva-Cointrin it is just 2.5 hours to Gstaad) – make this vacation destination an attractive address for visitors from all over the world.

The village is situated in a wide valley with mountains reaching up to 2400 m in the north and 3200 m in the south. Here you can find numerous skiing and hiking opportunities throughout the year to fill your days with activities, whether in winter or summer.

The enchanting nature reserve at Lake Lauenen with its babbling brooks and marshy wetlands, the picturesque old town of Saanen or the tranquility of the mountain landscape in nearby Abländschen, are just a few highlights of this diverse region.

Gstaad in Winter

When it comes to unforgettable winter experiences, Gstaad is an ideal destination. Whether on the slopes or in the spa, the main goal is always to spend a beautiful and relaxing time. 

Gstaad offers easy access to a whole range of ski resorts that provide perfect snow conditions, especially in January and February. As winter approaches, skiers and snowboarders can enjoy 200 kilometers of slopes between 1000 and 3000 meters above sea level. The ski resort Glacier 3000 offers guaranteed perfect slopes at the beginning and towards the end of the season with its ski lifts on the glacier. 

In its idyllic setting of dreamy forests and snow-capped mountains, the region attracts gourmets and sports enthusiasts alike, with a variety of culinary offerings and numerous other winter activities.

If the availability of open ski slopes is still somewhat limited in December, you can visit the Christmas markets in Saanen and Montreux and enjoy the festive atmosphere there.

Gstaad in Summer

In summer, Gstaad transforms into a true paradise with a variety of activities to do and events to attend. With a cool breeze of alpine air and sunshine in abundance, one can enjoy a wonderful summer in Gstaad. 

The breathtaking views and authentic Swiss landscape with mountains, lush green landscapes, with cows, authentic chalets and many spectacular waterfalls and torrents leaves no one untouched. In addition to countless hiking trails, the toboggan run in Schonried, via ferrata routes and the natural beauty of Lake Lauenen are ideal destinations for families…

In addition to the sporting activities, however, there is more to a successful vacation. With concerts, art exhibitions, sporting events such as the tennis and beach volley tournament, as well as wellness offers, Gstaad is the perfect destination in a varied summer wonderland.

Meeting In The Morning Sun

Best Things to Do in Gstaad, Switzerland

For visitors to Gstaad, there are many places worth seeing and things to do. With this guide, we want to help you make an informed decision on what to do and make your stay a pleasant experience.

Gstaad offers sights and activities for everyone, so no matter how long you stay, you won’t miss a thing. Gstaad can be an expensive destination. However, if you are willing to spend some money it is well worth the quality. However, there are also countless ways to experience the beauty of this region to the fullest on just a small budget. 

The area offers scenic views and plenty of outdoor activities. Just pack your gear and get ready for an exciting vacation in Gstaad.

Stroll along Gstaad Promenade

Shopping in Gstaad is best done on the promenade. You’ll see a lot of bars, restaurants, shops, and hotels along this pedestrian walkway. The promenade is a traditional Alpine promenade filled with modern eateries and boutiques.

Alpine timber buildings line the wide avenue. In the winter they are wrapped in twinkling fairy lights and in the summer and spring they are decorated with baskets of colorful flowers.  

Jewelry shops, fashion outlets, sports outlets, and smaller local businesses selling produce can all be found here. Beautiful and relaxing, it’s the perfect spot to take a stroll and enjoy a couple of moments.


Go skiing and other winter activities

Gstaad is the most popular destination for snowboarding and skiing fans. You’re sure to find snow here, with so many options, making it a great destination for skiers and snowboarders. Featuring a mix of blue, red, and black runs, there are options to suit every taste and skill level.

Skiing is what makes Gstaad famous, but there are so many other reasons to visit. During the winter season, there are many activities to participate in, such as the mentioned below: 

  • Ice climbing 
  • Snow biking
  • Tobogganing 
  • Air ballooning
  • Horse riding
  • Animal trekking
  • Paragliding

Explore Gstaad’s natural wonders in summer

Enjoy the cool breeze from a helicopter flight over the peaks of the mountains and the sunrise from a hot air balloon over Gstaad as you closely observe the peaks of the mountains.

Learn how cheese is made at a local cheese shop. Ride a mountain bike on the slopes of an Alpine valley. With more than 300km of pathways and a trail network, it is easy to travel through the moors, rivers, mountains, and deep canyons. 

There are multiple ways to reach the destinations that include cable cars, gondolas, and public transportation. Leaving without a camera will not be an option since the scenery is so breathtaking. 

You can even go for a swim in an actual mountain lake and practice mountain pose in the shadow of the real thing in an outdoor yoga class. In case hunger strikes, you’ll find barbecue spots along the shore, as well as dining options for those who are more interested in eating out.

Spa and wellness facilities

Indulging in adrenaline-filled activities and dining on gourmet cuisine would be incomplete without going to the spa. The majority of luxury hotels provide complimentary access to their spa facilities. 

You may also make a separate reservation to receive specific treatments or purchase a day pass.

At Le Grande Bellevue, you can relax or wake up your senses in seventeen different rooms.

The Alpina’s heated outdoor pool tucked away in the snow also lets you experience the fresh alpine air in the cold winter.

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Visit the mirage

It’s impossible not to be stunned by the Mirage house. This stunning Mirage was created by Doug Aitken and is one of his most famous works.

With a mirror covering all of its surfaces, it reflects our relationship to nature and the surrounding environment. The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ranch houses and California ranch houses inspired this installation.   

The mirrors are on every surface inside, so you can stroll around admiring them. By car or train from Schonried station, Mirage Gstaad is relatively easy to reach. 

Glacier 3000 and Peak Walk

Are you interested in taking a stroll in the sky someday? There is a 100-meter-long suspension bridge linking two peaks at the top of glacier 3000. The walk from peak to peak is an incredible experience. 

In the mountains, you will breathe in the mountain air, marvel at the breathtaking views, gaze at the starry skies, and have lunch at the highly recommended Botta restaurant where you can truly savor every moment.

20 snowy peaks stand to attention before you, with their snowy peaks standing to attention. A 4km long toboggan run is also available, commonly known as Eggli run, which is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Getting to Gstaad

Getting to Gstaad Saanenland from other cities is easy by plane and train.

  • The closest airport is Bern, and from Saanen Airport, air taxis are available to the Bernese Oberland.
  • Zurich and Geneva are the closest international airports 
  • Gstaad and Zweisimmen can be reached by train from Montreux Bernese Railways

Journey times from major cities:

  • Zurich to Gstaad – 2h:30 by car / 4h:05 by train
  • Bern to Gstaad – 1h:15 by car / 2h:20 by train via Spiez
  • Geneva to Gstaad – 1h:50 by car / 3h by train


What is Gstaad famous for?

The luxurious resort of Gstaad sits between Lake Geneva and the Bernese Oberland offering luxury facilities set in a beautiful location. 

Gstaad offers the perfect combination of luxurious hotels, mountain scenery, fine dining, and shopping in the Alps. It is a popular destination for celebrities and the rich.

Like old wine, Gstaad gets better with every visit. Switzerland is known for their breathtaking landscapes. You can experience the best of both worlds here in summer and winter. 

There are a number of breathtaking scenic places within a 30 to 40 minutes drive from this great valley, cute village, serene and beautiful surroundings.

Is Gstaad worth visiting?

Gstaad is a mountain resort that will not let you wait. Beautiful flower meadows under a blue sky will take your breath away.

This village in the Bernese Oberland is a celebrity getaway because of the summer and skiing sports it offers, fine dining and shopping, and the spectacular views of the mountains.

How is Gstaad pronounced?

Here’s a little pronunciation guide to help you out. You should pronounce it Guh-staad instead of Staad, otherwise you will be mistaken for a parvenu, however it is pronounced more like “Kshtaat”in Swiss German.